6 jun. 2012

Chieftain Joseph & Deadly Hunta - Dutty Crack (Reality Shock / Kris Kemist Remix)(videoclip)


Video & original song by Ski Rize
Kris Kemist / Reality Shock remix of Ski Rize's production:
Chieftain Joseph ft Deadly hunta - Dutty Crack

Chorus (Chieftain Joseph):
"That Dirty Crack
No respect for no one
That turn the judge inna begger man
Dirty Crack
No respect for no one
Turn millionaire inna poor man
Dirty Crack
No respect for no one
Mi baby mother walk the streets
That Dirty Crack
No respect for no one
Babylon youre so wrong

Verse 1: Deadly Hunta
Coke & crack distribute pon the corner
this coming like gulley or Gaza
inna England where the youths dont give a damn
they will cut your life short like the barber
just for the coke & the crack man will spray down the place like northern Iraq
real talk man a fling down pon the track
teenagers a walk round with a strap
if you dont like that its (BRAP)
innocent people collapse
& there aint no sign of the cops until everything stops
& when the needle drops
me get fi find out seh two likkle youths pon the corner just rob the shops
kill a young girl & her pops
now forensic team in the premises searching for evidence taking shots
one witness nobody chats
cos down inna ghetto where me coe from nobody dont like snitch or rats
for that they might find you dead in a ditch or in the 13th floor of a sky rise council flat
two from a glock or one from a gat


Verse 2 (Chieftain Joseph):
look what crack has done to the family
baby mothers walking the streets
baby father aint got no money
so the children cant eat
stop from bunning
the crack & the coke ah no joke
stop from bunning
ganjaman i promote, no dope
stop from bunning
before you hang by the rope, cant cope
stop from bunning
too many ghetto youths me see them hooked on that


Verse 3 (Deadly Hunta):
Some man a live life like resident evil
a pray pon the weak & the feeble
every move whe dem make is illegal
to even the mess from dem move so decietful
through the a-class drugs in dem system
innocent people become the victim
tennagers when dem hooked pon crack
now dem working the streets pon dem knees & back
abused by a man with a plan
with a promise of an 8th but its only a gram
now youre in the back of a van with a stranger
he holds your hand, then you take a hit from off the can
& close your eyes & think about the sea & sand
then it hits home like BLAM
cos youve been abuse & used & your inner things are very bruised
but your hooked to the crack so you can refuse
so youre bound to loose...
next thing its crime watch or the evening news"

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