3 sept. 2012

Smiley Song meets Shanty Nob - Kiss in Rainy June [STD012]


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Across the six track selection of Music Unity & Respect we are introduced to a number of different artists, all of whom champion a discernibly dub influenced take on D&B and give it their own unique twist. Warning Sounds' "Coming From" is a clip-clop shimmying number, whilst Variedub meets Dub Invader's "Iration" is a dubbed out, bass heavy riddim, and Mudang's "Jahyu" takes things on a more oriental-influenced tip. Genoc1de's "Smokin' Days" is a laid back roller; Tradesman & Trevor Dan tune into the old skool dub vibe with "Plate Dub" before Shanty-Nob meets Smiley Song for "Kiss In The Rainy June" which closes the EP.

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