4 oct. 2012

Solo Banton–Higher Levels album



6. Solo Banton - Are You Ready

14. Solo Banton - Rising Sun

13. Solo Banton - Brighter Side

9. Solo Banton - Open Your Eyes ft. Michael Prophet

8. Solo Banton - Who I Am

1. Solo Banton - Me No Know

2. Solo Banton - Reggae Recipe

3.Solo Banton - Make You Groove

15. Solo Banton ft. Deadly Hunta – Rejoice

The musician: Papa Djez (Mathieu Joubert)
produced by Unikson (Mathieu Joubert, Jean Francois
Barbato) Vocals written by E Browne & recorded by
Subject at Ski Rize, Backing vocals by Sabrina Bell
Vocals Mixed at Reality Shock By Kris Kemist

Dont judge me as no wicked man (wicked man) search
my skeleton you couldnt find a wicked bone, Dont
judge me as no wicked man (wicked man)
no wicked heart no wicked thought could ever enter
my zone, dont you call me no wicked man (wicked
man) me and you are not the same, me naa go join you
in your game, your the wicked man (wicked man)
a wicked fire ago blaze to bun your wicked ways.
False accusations and allegations, being thrown like a
ball, they want to try and make the great them look
small, they use their media to spread their propaganda
try and make the righteousness fall now, a rumour
them a spread pon natty dread, you think by now we
would of hear what the elders said, dont follow them
and their rumours, cause like Christopher Coloumbus
them a damn blasted liar. Chorus. Me see it clear, you
living in fear, from the souljahs who will expose that
your not sincere, you take dem name and try to smear
and sabotage dem career, then pray and hope that the
truth will disappear, as it gets a mention, babywrong
start feel the tension and make a plan to contain the
rebellion their reaction, is to create distraction, catch
it pon film lights camera action tell the media to sing
a song of condemnation, brain wash the masses into
the wrong conclusion, but while you gloat about the
seed that you have sewn, only he who is without sin
can cast the first stone. Dem telling lies all the time,
trying hide the evil past, their rituals and their crimes
and tell me I must belive these liars and these thieves
and ignore the truth when it gets revealed.
Executive producers Solo Banton & Kris Kemist
Cover Photography By Daryl Alleyne
Graphics By Dub Unit, Kris Kemist & Dub Soljah
Give thanks to all who made this album possible
Livicated to the memory & spirit of Eric Banner

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